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(billboard, Budapest, Jesper Nordahl 2005)
In collaboration with AKCIÓ! újság/ACTION! Magazine, Zöld Fiatalok/Young Greens, IgEN/YES and Gerilla Propaganda Kollektíva/Guerrilla Propaganda Collective.

Working with the billboard project at Lövölde Tér I want to suggest an alternative to the communication of commercial interest that dominates the public space, billboards and mass media, and through this the construction of reality. There is a prevailing economic rationalist ideology which today is being touted as "the only" economic paradigm, synonymous with globalisation, despite the existence of numerous alternatives.

I have invited some Budapest based NGO:s and movements for cooperation which promote alternatives to the current power structures. The groups are part of a global movement that calls the democracy standards, set predominately by USA and Western Europe, into quest. By offering the space for their statements and opinions, the billboard becomes a ground for comments upon the current situation.

The groups represented at 1X1 tábla project are: AKCIÓ! Újság, a fanzine made by Zöld Fiatalok an organisation addressing amongst others environmental issues and issues relating to an alternative global development; IgEN, a feminist association and Gerilla Propaganda Kollektíva, an activist group. IgEN will in addition publish the forthcoming issue of AKCIÓ! Újság.

The billboard is made in connection with the exhibition Intersection at Trafó Gallery, which is a collaboration between Index, Studio of Young Artists' Association and PPP. (text: Jesper Nordahl, 2005

The billboard at Lövölde Tér, Budapest, 2005